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We reached out to Mr. Appliance in January to have a diagnostic done on our wine cooler. That appointment was completed on time and in a professional manner. The diagnosis was that we needed a new compressor and were given an estimate of about $800 to fix it.

We looked around a bit before deciding that a repair was cheaper than purchasing a new wine cooler of the same quality. I called in May to set up an appointment and never got a call back. I called five weeks late in June and again the following day. I finally got a call back later that day. I asked for a quote. They said they'd call me back.

The first person I dealt with actually seemed knowledgeable and promised to get back to me. His name was Reed.

We decided to go ahead and pay the down-payment on a compressor and get it ordered. That was $680.

I will mention that I was somewhat surprised when the invoice came to us, there was nothing itemized. We had no idea how much the part cost or how much labor was. There was a total listed of $902.47 for a compressor replacement kit and a motor cond. fan kit. With $60.92 tax our bill came to $963.39.

Still, it was cheaper than buying a new wine cooler.

Here's the other strange bit. The part was to be shipped directly to us from wherever it was coming from. I asked when I should expect it and they said they have no knowledge about any of the shipping because they don't handle it. I was to call them back when it arrived and set up an appointment for the repair.

Okay, the box came and we set up an appointment. The guy arrived and seemed knowledgeable enough, but he had a foul mouth while doing the repair and left a mess on the kitchen floor. The piece worked for about 11 seconds and then stopped. He said he'd have to order another compressor. Fine.

He did not take the broken compressor back with him (said he had no room in his truck.) He called to make sure it was returnable, though. For 30 days. He didn't plan to go back to the headquarters in Lima for several weeks. He left it with us.

The second compressor arrived and the guy said it was leaking oil and he would have to order a third compressor. Again, no room in the truck and he left the compressor with us.

The third compressor arrived and the guy wouldn't even come to the house since I called to tell them the box was torn to bits and was rattling.

The manager, Bethany, had me send her photos of the box, which I did. She agreed it was damaged. She could order a fourth compressor.

I told her my husband and I didn't have any confidence that a fourth compressor would arrive in any better shape than the first three. They were shipped in non-original packing with no protection at all. One was in a box for mailing envelopes. We did not want to order another compressor, feeling at this point that these were not original parts being sent to us, though we were being assured they were.

Bethany said we could have one shipped freight and it would arrive it better shape, but we'd have to pay the balance to do that. I told her we had three returnable compressors in our house she could return. She was not interested in doing that. We could not do it because we didn't have the shipping information and knew the money wouldn't be returned to us, but to her.

I had been very pleasant up to this point, but this was when I got angry and told her that she could put up her own money to get a working part to us. She said she couldn't do that, so I said I wanted a refund. I was done with her at this point.

She offered us $180.00 back. She was charging us $400 for services rendered. My husband called her back and told her first of all her math was wrong. It was $280 if she planned to charge us $400, and second, we would get a full refund or she would be hearing from a lawyer.

She apparently told him that she had talked to her fiance and that was the price they had decided on. OH MY GOD! HER FIANCE? She tried to say something about our contract, which my husband had in front of him, totally making stuff up as she went. Just babbling. She was unable to substantiate anything she was doing. My husband, very calmly, spent 20 minutes on the phone with her trying to get her to say how she justified $400 for "services rendered." It was masterful.

Bethany said she would process our $280 that day but that it might take several months for it to appear on our statement. So we waited to see what she would decide to do, while gathering all our paperwork for small claims court should it come to it.

I have a record of 19 separate phone calls to and from Mr. Appliance since May trying to get our wine cooler repaired. It seemed like the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. I'd call and say I wanted to order the part and the assistant would say she didn't know anything about it and would call me back. Or, I'd be told that I needed to make a deposit and I'd make the deposit and then I'd get a call that I needed to make a deposit, which I just made. I'd call to ask when I should expect delivery and the assistant would say she didn't know anything about it and would call me back. It was exhausting, all the calls back and forth.

I am happy to report that my statement arrived last week with a full $680 refund. I credit my husband's calmness throughout his interaction to get her to re-think her decision to pay us in full.

I will never, ever, call Mr. Appliance again after this past 10 months of "service" from them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Unprofessional, Customer service.

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