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On a Wednesday afternoon visit I found my Mother of 85 years’ refrigerator to be running but not cooling and I called Mr. Appliance for repair in Boca Raton, FL. Upon diagnosis I was told the refrigerator needed a new “Control Board” and an “ Evaporator Fan” which was not running to cool the refrigerator, estimate given to me after my new customer $25 coupon, $711, stating half was needed to be paid now for the order of the parts tomorrow,...
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Have an expensive LG refrigerator, the compressor went out November 2014 had it repaired by Mr appliance for $468 (parts covered by LG). Exact same repair with another defective compressor September 2016 now they're charging $698 (parts covered by LG.) In 22 months they have increased their prices by 50%. Delayed service will be over 2 weeks before refrigerator is working again from breakdown. Paid in advance now locked in to wait. LG...
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The guys that showed up were pleasant; (twice) the ice maker replacement and leak they were supposed to have fixed are still leaking and making noise. Only a 90 day warranty they told me now; so we do it all over again; when I called and said there was a problem they're charging me again for a trip fee and if their 90 day part didn't work, I'm guessing I'm out another $300+. I will never call this firm again; rather buy a new frig. What a...
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Mr Appliance Refrigerator Repair Review

Based on my personal experience I've found that the call center & technicians are very friendly & professional. However, after them coming out to service my GE refrigerator twice in one I'm still at a loss & im now going shopping for a new appliance ($384 loss for parts & labor plus $100 in spoiled groceries) I've been told that they will give me a partial refund. Only time will tell
Scheduled an appointment for refrigerator/freezer door repair. Was told between 8:00 and noon, then between 12:30 and 1:15. No email either, which was supposed to be sent. After waiting 8 hours with no reasonable excuse, found someone else. Can't believe I waited that long for nothing. Once excuse after another. Repairman finally texted he was tied up in traffic. That's bull and poor planning; first it was he had to get gas, later it was a...
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I didn't like
  • Wasting 8 hours for no service